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The Second Season of Trek : The Next Generation gets off to a rough start but once it finds its footing, one begins to get a sense of just how good it can get. The absence of certain characters is felt from the outset, and the reliance on the holodeck in the first few eps feels like a real misstep. Fortunately, by episodes 7 and 8, the show turns a corner and gets solid.

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Weekly Reflection : 10/13/2018

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Once again not doing a great job getting these up on Saturdays. I have no excuse; Frankly, I could be getting things done on time if I prioritized them, and I should. Saturday, we spent a good day at Longwood Gardens, and I had eBay work to do in the evening on which I focused. I told myself to do the debrief before beginning, but I failed to do so. Once I had finished, I did not have enough fuel in the tank to get it finished.

I have a new goal: Get remaining WEEKLY DEBRIEFs published in a timely fashion for the rest of the year. I believe I will be able.

Here’s where we are for now.

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Weekly Reflection : 10/06/2018

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Saturday Morning Garage Sales

Sorry this did not make it up on Saturday. I failed to do a revision and totally dropped the ball on getting it live.

We are three quarters of the way through 2018. I remember remarking about how quickly this year was going, and that was months ago. To now find ourselves here in October is stunning. Time flies ever so quickly, doesn’t it? And if you’re anything like me, the end of year means three big things: holidays, rushing to get things done by end of year, and the emotional challenge of the first two colliding. I am already putting stuff in my planner all the way until the second week of December, and I have a fair amount to accomplish between then and now.

For now, let’s focus on this past week. As it is a new quarter, I’m refining the format a bit.

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Bad Breaks and Good Signs.

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So, I know I usually leave this sort of thing for the end of week update, but in the end I thought it was worth posting. If you’ve been following, you know I am constantly buying and selling on eBay as a second income for our home so we make enough to enable my wife to stay at home with our toddler.

Well, business is good when it’s good. And lately it has been very good. Until this week. Since Saturday, I have had multiple things go awry on the bay, and I gotta admit, it has been more work to resolve them than I expected, and I am taking hits in the process.

But there’s a silver lining.

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