Recommended Charities & Ministries

3LC Publishing was founded with a heart for building the kingdom of Christ Jesus, and a portion of the proceeds from our business go to various missions and ministry operations throughout the globe. Some of the ministries that C.J. has supported in the past (and hopes to continue supporting in the future) are as follows:

American Red Cross

Biola University

Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)


World Venture

World Vision

Wycliffe Bible Translators

3LC would not be the brand it is today without the willingness of ministries to read and review Stronghold. If you are struggling with addiction, the below sites and their resources may be of great value to you.

Covenant Eyes

God Over Porn

Intentional Warriors (Interview with Founder James Cordrey)

Porn To Purity

Samson Society and Pirate Monk Radio

The Solid Rock Road (Interview with Founders Jerry Pineda and Jamee Pineda)