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The setting is familiar to many. Alone at the computer, the Christian must choose whom he will serve—his Holy Savior or himself. What is at work in the soul at these moments? What does temptation look like in our hearts?

Tonight, one believer asks himself that question, and the answer changes his life forever. He finds himself in Solsland, a fantasy realm of his imagining, where The Lamb reigns as king but hell’s minions linger. Here, The Believer must confront sin as flesh. Demonic hordes war against him. A horrid beast hunts in shadow. Angels rally to his aid, and forces clash across his soul. The tide could turn at any moment and more is at stake than one night’s temptation. Join the believer in his Christ-exalting journey of sanctification.

The battle is fantasy. The war is real. 

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What others are saying about Stronghold:

“It’s quite possible that we’ll be seeing more and more works from young men like C.J. Stunkard, whose novel Stronghold represents the feelings of many who feel trapped in a kind of bondage to pornography, which they began consuming when they first learned to surf the web and don’t know how to get away from.”

Mark Joseph, President, MJM Enterainment Group & Contributor, The Huffington Post


Stronghold pays homage to writers like Hurnard, Lewis and Tolkien, but with its own creative style—it doesn’t feel like a rip-off of anything. I also love how it included so much Scripture without making it feel ‘preachy.’ Very sincere and genuine.”

-Phil Persing, Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church, Mifflintown, PA