What I’mma try to get done in the next 12 months.


  1. APOCRPYPHA [As presented BIBLIOTHECA, VOLUME IV, completed 06/01/2018]
  2. DUNE, by Frank Herbert [completed 03/17/2018]
  3. The Secret Garden  by Frances Hodgson Burnet [Completed 08/19/2018]
  4. March, a Graphic Novel Series, by Senator Joe Lewis [completed 01/15/2018]
  5. The Divine Comedy, by Dante
  6. 12 Rules for Life, by Jordan B. Peterson [added 06/15/2018; completed 07/27/2018]
  7. The New Testament [As presented in BIBLIOTHECA, VOLUME V, added 06/15/2018 ; completed 10/14/2018]
  8. How Dante can Save Your Life by Rod Dreher [added 06/17/2018]

And if I can get to it: Poetics, by Aristotle


  1. Stalker, Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky  [completed 01/28/2018]
  2. Night of the Hunter, Directed by Charles Laughton. [completed 03/02/2018]
  3. Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan [completed 02/17/2018]
  4. The Prequels Strike Back, directed by Bradley Weatherholt [completed 02/18/2018]
  5. Kingdom of Heaven, Extended Director’s Cut, directed by Ridley Scott, To be replaced by GET OUT by Jordan Peele(unfortunately, I have not heard enough positive feedback to justify the several hours investment in Ridley’s take on the crusades, so I am replacing it with a film that is said to be excellent). [completed 03/03/2018]

And if I can get to it: Silence, directed by Martin Scorsese [Somehow I watched this one first. 01/12/2018]


  • Complete Treatment for my fantasy novel,  Though the Good Fall OR FOR The Sovereign Blade
  • Have active Blog (weekly posts and more)
  • Develop active Twitter (multiple tweets 6-days a week)

And if I can get to it:

Begin Pitches Binder with 6 Complete Pitches. [added 04/30/2018]

Map Additional Stories in THE TRUTH MOVES, the umbrella title for my fantasy series; write the first draft of my first children’s book “Franklin Finnigan, The Fiddling Frog”, complete treatment for The Truth Moves: Ehla and the Village of Shea


  • My Father’s Backstock (mainly Pixar Cars)
  • My Brother-in-laws Lego Excess
  • Sell 2017 Carryover Inventory
  • Sell “Spring Cleaning” Items from Personal Collection
  • Sell all 2018 Inventory purchased pre 12/1

(Any interest? email [email protected])


  • Beat FINAL FANASY III on SNES Classic (Beginning in Februrary 2018)
  • Use Vision Board [added 04/30/2018 ; completed 09/30/2018]
  • New, GRAM’d Displays on Shelves 06/01/2018 [added 04/30/2018 ; completed 06/13/2018]
  • New, GRAM’d Displays on Shelves 08/2018 [added 04/30/2018] ; completed 08/29/2018
  • New, GRAM’d Displays on Shelves 10/2018 [added 04/30/2018]
  • New, GRAM’d Displays on Shelves 12/2018 [added 04/30/2018]
  •  Retool Stool [added 06/17/2018]
  • Complete Self-Authoring Program [added 06/17/2018]
  • Hang Jam Pic [added 04/30/2018]
  • Hang Curtains [added 04/30/2018]
  • Go to Eye Doctor [added 04/30/2018 ; completed ]
  • Sort CLOSET [added 04/30/2018 ; completed 06/09/2018]
  • Sort LEGO from parents’ home [added 04/30/2018 ; completed ]
  • Display Writing Inspirado Shelves
  • CAR Wash and Clean [added 06/17/2018]
  • Create Household Budget [added 06/17/2018]
  • Update Wills [added 06/17/2018]
  • Synthesize my Planner Pages from 2017 into my 2017 Prayer Journal, where applicable. [completed 05/04/2018]
  • Sharpen Swiss Army Knife [added 06/19/2018]