A Feeling in the Air

It’s like running a toy store, only without the glitz and glamour..

Right now, I’m exhausted. Chances are that you are too. Most people to whom I speak are these days.
We’re tired.
We’re spent.
And we see no sign of resting—well, I do, but that’s only because I force myself to take a day away from my various jobs. Six days out of  Seven, I feel the heat of burning the candle at both ends.

And as I said, I know I am not alone. When most folks ask how I am, I usually tell them as much; they admit the same. We’re both relieved. It’s wonderfully cathartic.

That in mind, I have 3 things to share:

1). When someone asks how you are, admit your exhaustion; allow them to do the same. Let them know they’ll be alright, that they’ll make it, and that they are likely doing more than they know; and also believe it for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how refreshing a conversation can be when you can be honest, when others are honest, and when you share the moment.

2). Show to others the same mercy, gratitude, and kindness you would want to be shown, even if they don’t appreciate it. The truth is that they likely do appreciate it, but they get it so rarely it’s hard to accept and, further, hard to understand and return. Life is hard; folks give each other a beating—sometimes not even trying. Be a healer not a hammer.

3). You are going to come through this, and you’ll be the better for it. Frankly, I have no idea how I get through most weeks. I had immensely encouraging and enjoyable holiday season, but between earning that extra coin for the well, staying atop our bills, and maintaining my other responsibilities (like here and here, plus here), I have no idea how I get finished all I do. That’s not entirely accurate: my guess is that I can do it because my body and mind are trained to do it. See, every few years, I’ve gotten a new “mission” beyond my 9-5 gig. Losing weight, making films, writing a novel, and presently fundraising for a well have been a few. I have just learned that in certain seasons, the goal demands my time, and there’s no getting around it. This is one of those times (speaking of which, anyone wanna make an online donation and help us hit that 9K mark by March 1?)

So, there it is:
1). Be honest; accept honesty. Share the moment.
2). Be as good to others as you can, as often as you can.
3). Be assured you’ll get through this season of exhaustion, knowing it’ll help prepare to navigate the next one.

And to all those folks who aren’t tired, more power to you. I was one of you once upon a time. I imagine I will be again—-and then I’ll fill my plate with a thousand things need doin’—that’s just my way now. Enjoy your time while it lasts; savor the good; get off your phone and cling to moments of joy and peace. You’ll need them.

Thanks for reading,

Other items of note this week: I have a current run of figures up for auction, plus several new items will go live this weekend.
This Week, I’m listening to : The Orchestral Selections from CHRONO TRIGGER (WHAT!!!!! THIS EXISTS!!!!!),  Some Stevie Wonder and some Marvin Gaye. I also heard this 90’s gem for the first time.  Plus, podcasts from Persuasion and The Sci-Fi Christian

I’m continuing: Bibliotheca: The Pentateuch and Former Prophets.

And I’m Watching: Downton Abbey and Road to Avonlea

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