Why Folks Love the Mind of C.S. Lewis

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How excellent is the mind of C.S Lewis? I have misremembered one of his ideas countless times in summary as “the joy of a thing is not fully experienced until it is shared“, but Lewis’ full content is so much better than my incomplete remembrance. Please savor the below, found on Goodreads, from Reflections on the Psalms, by C.S. Lewis “I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation. It is not out of compliment that lovers keep...

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Hope and Dilemmas

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Today’s post is sponsored by the online phrase TL,DR I still believe in God and his purpose and his divinity. Despite so many things gone awry and so much pain in our midst. I still believe. And I hope. At least , I try to hope. This is a difficult task, much of the time. But it’s a task worth undertaking; it’s a good use of one’s energy. In the midst of pain, Hope. Hope that You can endure the pain of the present until a far better future, hope that this current suffering will pass, as it so often does. It’s...

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I love this, so I am sharing it.

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This is a cartoon. Rather, it’s clips from a video game I’ve never played, cut together to a love theme for said game. I’ve cherished this song for over a decade, even without context. I don’t recall when I first saw this; I believe it was in the early days of YouTube or Limewire. I don’t know the original genius who put this together, but I hope they are rewarded for their editing talents. I am stunned at how much I fell in love with these characters and their story, simply by watching this series of encounters...

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More Than We Think

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Late post. Bad lighting. Our words and actions rarely occur in a vaccuum. They affect others, for good or ill. We fail to see it, but the fact remains. Our poorly-timed jests could hurt others more than humor them. They may carry the embarrassment long after the laughter. A passing kind word we utter may be the only kindness the recipient hears that day. To us, the action is small, but others hold onto it. And we may not realize it at the time. Or ever. This of course affects their actions. The cruel word from husband to wife leads to the...

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So Much Stuff

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Some stuff is funny. Christmas just came and went; and with it came more stuff—lots of stuff. Good stuff. But stuff, nonetheless. I love stuff. I love buying it; I love getting it. I love having it. Stuff is something I love, plain and simple. I can’t dent it. And I won’t. But there’s such a thing as too much stuff—digital stuff and physical stuff. Meaningful stuff, and worthless stuff. And stuff otherwise worthless if not for imbued meaning from the owner. My point is: I think we have too much stuff—me most of all (running an online toy...

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Thinking things… 2020 had its up and downs. This year I’m starting low emotionally. I’m not sure what I am going to do with the site in 2021, if anything. I had pretty small aims for 2020, and I could not even meet those. I struggle with the purpose of maintaining this site in the coming year. I have it until at least April to decide whether to re-up. We’ll see if it lasts beyond that. Thanks for stopping...

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08/23/2020 More Thoughts on Tough Life.

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Just me. Life is tough. If 2020 has shown us nothing else, that much is clear. Life is tough. When it’s not, be grateful. Be mindful, live in the moment, and be grateful. Put your phone away. Be present. Enjoy the fun meals, the deep conversations, and the moments of tenderness. Let them breathe. Don’t rush them or watch the clock waiting for the next thing you need to get done or want to do. Just savor the good, as it is happening. When the good passes, and the tough times come again, remember the ebb and flow. Life will get...

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08/13/2020 – Where’d I Go?

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Today’s post is sponsored by the online phrase TL/DR (too long, didn’t read) Still here. Just Busy.Real Busy. With the Full time. And the Side Gig.And the Fam. And all else in between. Life is Good. But it is busy. Keep on keeping...

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07/26/2020 Words for all

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We all need encouragement. All of us. As a man who is staking all of his present virtue and future hope on Jesus Christ, my encouragement comes from the Holy Bible, an ancient library which gives us a picture of TRUTH as no other, where Truth is more than a concept but a concrete reality, a being who is love and the Fullness of Truth. Here is some Scripture from which I have been encouraged. I hope it helps you as well: “Blessed is the man whom you discipline, O Lord, and whom you teach out of your law, to give him rest from days of trouble,...

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07/20/2020 Hope, Vision, and Action

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Still contemplative. I’ve written recently of a desire to maximize my current professional opportunities. I’ve also mentioned my longing to write again—and to write bold projects requiring courage. Of course, i am concerned about my ability to do so given my consistent need to earn extra income on eBay, which eats a fair amount of time and won’t be ending until next year. So now the question becomes: how do I navigate these responsibilities and goals without all of them suffering due to overreach. On top of that, how do I also consistently...

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