The eBay Storefront

Inventory…and more inventory.

UPDATE : 2/14/2021

Store is full, but it’ll be more full come end of week. .

UPDATE : 7/03/2020

BIG UPDATE FOR JULY. The store has been BOOMING this summer. I believe I have been sending 30-50 packages a week. Some of those packages contain multiple lots! It’s been busy but fantastic! Of note, I have over 500 standing items nearly at all times, and in some weeks, I’ve had upwards of 650! I’ve ben more engaged in the micro machines community also, which has been alot of fun! Please visit my storefront; and if you find something you like me, please contact me before bidding or making an offer, I want to work with you to ensure you get a deal.

When Inventory becomes displays! Well, to some degree anyway.

UPDATE : 5/23/2020

Well, my store subscription renews in a week. It looks like I’ll be on the hustle another year. I want to change my store name, but I can’t as far as I know, so I’ll be running Stunk Cart Collectibles for 12 more months. And if you’ve not visited the storefront. This summer will be the time. I am aiming to clear a fair amount o inventory by Labor Day, and I would love to get into it into good homes where it will be enjoyed. As always, please check my storefront; and if you find something you like me, please contact me before bidding or making an offer, I want to work with you to ensure you get a deal.

UPDATE : 5/5/2020

More Free Listings have resulted in more inventory getting posted. Please check my storefront, and if you find something you like me, please contact me before bidding or making an offer, I would love to work with you to put together multiple items into a deal.

UPDATE : 4/4/2020

In light of Covid-19 and the virus’ inability to survive more than 24 hours on cardboard surfaces has rendered sending packages relatively safe. Therefore, I am still in business. For now. And eBay is giving sellers an enormous amount of free listings. I am trying to take advantage, but there’s only so many hours in the day. That being said, I have over 400 items listed now, and I will be listing over an additional 100 this week.  PLEASE continue checking my store, and contact me via eBay message if you see anything you like.

UPDATE : 3/11/2020

Still plenty of Micro Machines, Star Wars figures, and other goodies in the store! I had a banner month in February, but things are slow so far this month. PLEASE browse the “aisles” and see if there’s anything you like. Please let me know if you find something. I’d love to give you a great deal!

UPDATE : 2/22/2020

Over 500 live items thanks to free listings. Tons of Stuff in the store and tons of mess in the home office. It’s the way it is when you do this as a secondary hobby income to keep the credit bills at bay. It’s imperfect, but I’m making it work. CHECK IT OUT.

UPDATE : 1/24/2020

I have begun to outline a standardized process for getting items on eBay in hopes of being able to consistently add 30-50 items weekly through the end of the year. I have been investing heavily in inventory, and I am confident that I’m going to have my most profitable year in the toy market to date. As my process becomes refined, I plan to share it here.

UPDATE : 1/12/2020

The Store is full again !!!!

And more is coming for 2020. I already have new inventory purchased and being sorted, with new items going live starting 1/16/2020.

It appears that this year I’ll be focusing mainly on Micro Machines! If you have little boys that love cars and vehicles, I highly recommend this product!!!

UPDATE : 1/1/2020

The Store is empty until 01/09/2020. I have End of Year inventory and possible retooling of lots before restocking for 2020.

Initial Page Entry: 11/12/2019

These days, I’ve had to table my writing projects in order to maintain my second income on eBay. I have been selling on ebay on and off for about 15 years; and in 2015, I began to pursue buying and selling as a legitimate secondary income source so that my wife could stay home with our soon-to-be born child.

In 2018, I invested in a storefront to get more listings month over month and some additional sales features. My Storefront is entitled, “Stunk Cart Collectibles”, and I always have at least 100 items listed from either my personal collection or inventory purchased with the intent of getting us some much needed cash. The name is not my most clever label but it is what it is through May 2020 when I decide whether to re-subscribe, close shop, or open a new front.

If you have any interest in Collectibles, Toys, or other used novelty goods, feel free to stop at the below hyperlink, and if you get there by way of the site, be sure to let me know!!!

My eBay Storefront 2019 – 2020